MATIN Super Power Dry Eco-Friendly Dessicant (20g x 2) Maximize

MATIN Super Power Dry Eco-Friendly Dessicant (20g x 2)

Eco-friendly drying agent that is twice as powerful as normal silica gel but does not harm the environment! Protects your camera lenses/telescopes by reducing moisture and humidity.

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S$ 10.00

MATIN Super Power Dry is an ultra high performance desiccant (or drying agent) manufactured from a natural mineral, with a chemical additive. Being more absorbent than conventional silica gel at more than 200%, it absorbs moisture to reduce humidity levels. It's sensible to place a sachet into your gadget bag or lens case to ensure your photographic equipment is kept as dry as possible. This is especially important in hot or humid climates like here in Singapore/South East Asia where mould growth can cause extensive and/or irreversible damage to expensive cameras, surveillance equipment, telescopes, lenses, etc. Supplied in a twin pack of two large 20g sachets. 


Competitive advantages of using MATIN Super Power Dry over normal Silical Gel available in camera shops:
1) Much greater water/moisture absorption
2) Effective absorption rate over wide relative humidity range
3) Environmental friendly or "GREEN" product
4) Easy to use, safer to handle especially with children around
5) Non-acidic, bio-degradable (readily disposable)
6) Comes in a convenient sachet or bag for easy use
7) Save cost for user over the long run.

Simply change to a new pack after 3-9 months (depending on how you store your equipment) when you see the natural clay elements turn to a jelly state.

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