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Tele Vue Nagler 20mm Type 5 2" Eyepiece

Awesome 2" eyepiece from one of the best names in astronomy equipment! Made in USA.

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S$ 799.00

Back in 1986, Televue came out with a 20mm Nagler that weighed in at a hefty 2.3 lbs (5 kgs!). Of course it was wonderful, but the 8-element optical system, combined with Al Nagler's commitment to quality materials overall, made it the heaviest eyepiece around for the time. 

Slowly the original Nagler eyepieces have been re-engineered to incorporate Al's latest designs, the best glass around, and the cutting-edge technology necessary to make a great eyepiece even better. 

Enter the 6-element, 20mm Type 5 Nagler. It is smaller and significantly lighter (just less than 500 grams!), but still gives that 82º field of view "space walk" experience. 

Best price in Singapore! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always be sure to save your original packaging materials and our receipt should you need to return any Tele Vue product for warranty or repair.