Zenitar 16mm f/2.8 Super Wide Angle Lens (Canon EOS Mount) Maximize

Zenitar 16mm f/2.8 Super Wide Angle Lens (Canon EOS Mount)

Popular 16mm manual lens from Russia. Rugged construction, impressive picture quality. Great for wedding photography!

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S$ 360.00

Specially imported from Russia, the MC ZENITAR-M 2,8/16 SLR lens is designed to shoot quality pictures with an angular field of view of 180°. The lens offers high quality image with clear transmission of the object, resulting in extreme resolution and fine details, all at an affordable price! No need to spend more than S$1,000 to get a super wide angle lens! 

The lens' compact size also makes it convenient to take both amateur and professional photographs. As this is a manual lens, there is no connectivity to the camera body. However focusing/metering is smooth and easy with the camera set to manual mode. McGill is confident that you will enjoy this lens when taking various pictures. 

Some tips for taking great pictures with the Zenitar 16mm: 
1) It seems the best and sharpest aperture to use is f/16. Even the corners appear sharp and better than more expensive lenses like the Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye! Anything with a bigger f number (ie. bigger aperture) may result in soft focus to the trained eye.
2) Use the manual exposure mode and employ the method of successive approximation, which is looking at the LCD and adjusting the next shot accordingly. 1/60sec at f/16 works great in full sunlight if you're guessing, or use a good old hand-held meter. 
3) As the diaphragm is completely manual, if you want to focus on the screen you'll have to open the aperture the hard way after each shot, and stop it back down before the next. 

When combined with a DSLR camera body, the crop factor will extend its original focal length of 16mm. For example, with Canon EOS DSLR cameras, the focal length becomes 1.6x16 ~26mm on 35mm format. 

Other than EOS mounts, the Zenitar is also available in other built-in mounts such as that of Nikon, Pentax and Sony-Minolta. Please call our 24-hour hotline 6389-1734 to check stock availability.

Remember that this photographic lens is a complex optical instrument which has a 7-group/11-element system, so it should be handled carefully. 

CAUTION: We strongly advise you NOT to get this item on overseas online websites as every lens might not have the same high level of quality. It is only to your benefit if you get it from a reputable local source. At McGill, we check ALL these Russian lenses to confirm their good quality and offer you responsive after-sales support. Test the lens in person and if the lens is performing up to the touted high standard, images should be pretty sharp at f/8, especially in the centre of image. If not, images will disintegrate drastically at f/4 or even f/5.6!