Raynox DCR-FE181PRO 0.24x Fisheye Lens Maximize

Raynox DCR-FE181PRO 0.24x Fisheye Lens

Special fisheye lens for use with professional video cameras. Made in Japan.

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The Raynox DCR-FE181PRO is an extremely high quality 0.24x fish eye lens especially designed for use with most videocams (from the higher range like Sony FX7 to consumer models) and high-end digital cameras which incorporate the CCD chip of more than mega-pixels. The high resolution is made possible due to innovative technology behind this Japanese lens.

It's an ideal accessory lens for both professionals and hobbyists involved in landscape shooting, wedding functions or video productions! Certainly a more attractive and affordable option than getting a similar one from CXXXXXX Optics! It might look big and weighs around 500g, so a good pair of stable hands or tripod would bring the best out of this awesome lens.

Preferred by leading videographers and professionals in Europe and USA. Default mount size of DCR-FE181PRO is 62mm. Comes with 4 adapter rings for 43mm/ 52mm/ 55mm/ 58mm filter sizes. Previous lens model is known as DCR-FE180PRO, which came with 2 adapter rings only.

View of Kallang Stadium in Singapore before it was demolished. Taken with Panasonic digital camera FZ20 and DCR-FE180PRO. 

 Lens model  DCR-FE181PRO        
 Magnification    0.24x 
 Optical  Design   Advanced Achromatic 4-Group/5-Element 
 Filter size (mm)  Nil
 Height (mm)  68
 Weight (g)  685
 Mounting size (mm)  62
 Accessories  Pouch, top cover, bottom cover, adapter rings (mm):
 43, 52, 55, 58