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Raynox HDP-5072EX 0.5x Semi-Fisheye Lens

High quality semi-fisheye converter lens for professional video cameras. Mount size 72mm. Made in Japan.

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This model HDP-5072EX from Raynox is a 0.5x semi-fish eye conversion lens particularly designed for use with the High Definition large aperture camera lens, and it has a resolution power of 630 lines/mm at center (MTF30%). With the HDP-5072EX lens mounted on a High Definition camera's lens, it broadens 100% more the field of view than the original widest angle of view.

In shooting a subject of short distance with the HDP-5072EX lens, it creates an interesting image of semi-fisheye effect, taking an advantage of the -31% distortion nature. It produces a panoramic picture of 0.5x wide-angle coverage without causing significant image distortion, when shooting a distant subject.

The lens body is constructed from high grade metal and has no plastic parts! By using appropriate adapter rings (sold separately), the HDP-5072EX lens will be compatible with 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 77mm and 82mm filter sizes. The default mount size of this lens is 72mm.

NOTE: For Canon XF-305/XF-300, SONY PMW-EX1/EX1R cameras, vignetting (darkened corners) occurs even at the maximum telephoto zoom.

 Lens model  HDP-5072EX        
 Magnification    0.5x 
 Optical  Design   Achromatic 3-Group/3-Element 
 Filter size (mm)  Nil
 Height (mm)  42
 Weight (g)  640
 Mounting size (mm)  72
 Accessories  Acrylic box, top cover, bottom cover

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