Raynox HDP-9000EX 1.8x HD Telephoto Lens Maximize

Raynox HDP-9000EX 1.8x HD Telephoto Lens

The most sophisticated and expensive teleconverter lens in the world at this moment. Compatible with a wide range of professional video cameras with filter sizes of 72mm and beyond. Made in Japan. 

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S$ 1,450.00

Made in Japan, this Raynox HDP-9000EX is currently the only 72mm-threaded premium quality 1.8x telephoto lens in the world! Works extremely well with almost ANY professional grade video camera at the maximum telephoto range! A worthwhile investment for the production crew, whether you are shooting for NatGeo or corporate projects. 

 Lens model  HDP-9000EX        
 Magnification    1.8x 
 Optical  Design   Advanced Achromatic 2-Group/4-Element 
 Filter size (mm)  108
 Height (mm)  210
 Weight (g)  825
 Mounting size (mm)  72
 Accessories  Pouch, top cover, bottom cover, lens shade