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Raynox HD-6600PRO-52 0.66x Wide Angle Lens

High definition 0.66x wide angle lens with minimal distortion. Popular for shooting building architecture and in confined spaces. Made in Japan.

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The Raynox HD-6600PRO-52 0.66x wide angle lens is specially designed for use with high-end video and digital cameras which incorporate the most advanced CCD chips with High Definition (HD) capability. This lens is made of high-index optical glasses with a 3-group/3-element design system, fully coated for non-distortion(-1.3%) and sharp images.

Selling point of HD-6600PRO-52 - There is minimal curvature at the edge of the frame!

This HD Series comes in various diameter sizes and we strongly recommend you get the 52mm version (HD-6600PRO-52/DCR-6600PRO) even if your videocam has 37mm or 43mm diameter. This is because 52mm is an immensely popular diameter compatible with a wide variety of digital cameras, so you may use it on more than one equipment. We offer stepup rings for this purpose. Somehow it also performs better than the 43mm version.

This lens is also extremely popular amongst digital camera users due to the lack of equally capable wide angle lenses from big names like Canon, Panasonic or Sony at such an affordable price! This is probably due to a lack of interest amongst the major brands to invest in the production of high quality accessories which may further enhance the performance of their cameras. In this case, Raynox of Japan gladly steps in to fill this vital gap, much to the delight of consumers who are looking for advanced accessories to match their equally capable videocams or cameras. 

 Lens model  HD-6600PRO-52        
 Magnification    0.66x 
 Optical  Design   Achromatic 3-Group/3-Element 
 Filter size (mm)  72
 Height (mm)  39
 Weight (g)  178
 Mounting size (mm)  52
 Accessories  Acrylic box, top cover, bottom cover