Multi-Purpose Padded Bag for Telescope/Mount Maximize

Multi-Purpose Padded Bag for Telescope/Mount

Special customized padded bag to store bulky equipment like a telescope or mount/tripod. Imported from Japan.

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This multi-purpose padded bag is designed specifically for storing popular telescope mounts such as the AZ4, PORTA/PORTA II and AstroTech mounts, without the need to remove the mount head. It is also capable of carrying big refractor-type telescopes safely, such as complete telescope OTAs like a Takahashi FC125 or Synta/Celestron 150mm f/5 (without removing the finder)! 

Not sure if this padded bag is big enough for your telescope or mount/tripod? Click the third picture above for the bag's inner dimensions for comparison with the dimensions of your equipment. 

The biggest feature of this padded bag is the use of a 10mm-thick rigid urethane material sewn into the skin, which is made of 600D high grade polyester capable of withstanding pressure and minor shocks from all directions. Comes complete with giant zippers for ease of use. Waterproof for your peace of mind. Simple, functional yet elegant. Grab this before it's gone!