Raynox HD-2200PRO-LE+(Plus) 2.2x Telephoto Lens Maximize

Raynox HD-2200PRO-LE+(Plus) 2.2x Telephoto Lens

High quality 2.2x telephoto lens ideal for HDV, AVCHD compact High Definition camcorders. Made in Japan.

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S$ 220.00

The model HD-2200PRO-LE+ High-Definition Super Telephoto Conversion lens is made of the high index coated optical glass elements with new concept of lens designing using two-group/four-element lens formula. This new concept in designing the lens made it possible to achieve an amazing high definition Telephoto lens of the 200 lines/mm resolution power at center (MTF30%). 

The HD-2200PRO is an ideal item for over mega-pixel incorporated Mini-Digital Camcorder and DVDCAM. 

Black body. Comes with customized lens shade and 5 adapter rings to connect to videocams having the following lens thread diameter sizes:
27mm/30mm/30.5mm/34mm and 37mm. The default thread diameter of HD-2200PRO is 37mm. 

NOTE: The only difference between this lens HD-2200PRO-LE+ (black) and the HD-2205PRO (silver) is simply the colour of the lens body. Both have the same lens design and specifications.

 Lens model  HD-2200PRO-LE+        
 Magnification    2.2x 
 Optical  Design   Achromatic 2-Group/4-Element 
 Filter size (mm)  55
 Height (mm)  76
 Weight (g)  105
 Mounting size (mm)  37
 Accessories  Pouch, top cover, bottom cover, lens shade, adapter rings (mm):