McNETT CamoForm Cloth Wrap (Army Digital) 5cm x 3.66m Maximize

McNETT CamoForm Cloth Wrap (Army Digital) 5cm x 3.66m

This amazing cloth wrap can be used to wrap around any objects, ranging from camera lenses to binoculars to machine guns! Also useful in coastal or humid conditions in which moisture or salt water might affect optimal handling of certain equipment. This is NOT a gaffer tape.

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The McNETT Camo Form Cloth Wrap is a premium heavy-duty stretch fabric wrap which clings to itself as it’s wrapped on ANY object of common surfaces. It stays solidly in place and won’t sag, even in wet weather. Conforming to almost any shape, this unique wrap can be cut and applied even to the smallest moving parts. It can also be torn by hand using minimal effort and without any cutting tool. 

Camo Form dramatically improves grip and insulates hands from uncomfortably hot or cold surfaces and helps prevent guns and bows from slipping in the field. Wrap Camo Form around any piece of outdoor equipment to keep it from clanking against other objects. Camo Form instantly protects, conceals, and quiets all kinds of weapons, knives, scopes, binoculars, thermo bottles, flashlights, even outboard motors – you can wrap nearly anything! Camo Form self-cling wrap sticks only to itself – not to your gear – leaving no residue when removed! Designed to be cut and trimmed to cover oddly shaped or moving parts such as scope knobs or other functional controls.

Great reasons to get McNETT Camo Form Wrap:
1) Will not leave ANY sticky residue upon removal
2) Easily ripped into neat stripes by hand, ie. without the need to use any other tools
3) Very resilient
4) Allow good grip of equipment
5) Shock Absorber/ Prevent Cracks (if put at vital areas & if sufficient layers are applied)
6) Nobody will know the brand or price of your camera/equipment!
7) Decorating/personalising your equipment with interesting patterns is great fun! 
8) Washable & reuseable! 
9) Superior medical support & compression bandage.
10) Instantly camouflages items, quiets clatter, great for wrapping items too hot or too cold to touch.
11) Ideal for weapons, scopes, binoculars, torches, knives, cantees and more...
12) Made in the USA! 

Each roll of McNETT Camo Form is 5cm wide and 3.66m in length, allowing you to wrap approximately 3 to 5 small objects. Due to its camouflage pattern, it can also be used to beautify or enhance the appearance of gadgets or any device! Made in USA, it is a premium quality cloth wrap which meets military specifications and is commonly used in various military forces worldwide ! 

 Cloth wrap model  McNETT Camo Form® Wrap (Army Digital)     
 Material    Proprietary cotton cloth 
 Adhesive type   Nil 
 Thickness (mm)  3
 Length (mm)  3660
 Width (mm)  510
 Weight (g)  60