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Raynox DCR-731 0.7x Wide Angle Lens

Useful wide angle converter lens that works pretty well with a variety of mirrorless cameras, compact digital cameras and videocams. Made in Japan.  

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Raynox DCR-731 0.7x Wide Angle Lens is a versatile yet affordable lens from Japan. It is designed for use with almost all popular digital cameras and HD camcorders either by direct mounting or via optional lens adapter tubes/rings. Its default diameter size is 52mm. Comes supplied with 37mm, 43mm and 55mm adapter rings. With 4 different filter sizes, one lens can fit to many popular models! 

What we like about this lens: DCR-731 is one of those rare 0.7x wide angle lens in the world that allows you to zoom throughout your videocam's optical range without losing focus! Image sharpness at the center of view is pleasantly sharp considering its affordable price level. There will be some distortion at the sides as it is a standard wide angle lens.

DCR-731 is compatible with 28mm wide angle master zoom lens. Fully compatible with recent superwide angle HD camera models such as Sony HDR-CX550V/550VE, HDR-XR550V/550VE AVCHD camcorders! It also works satisfactorily with various entry-level DSLR cameras with kit lenses, such as the Panasonic GF Series. DCR-731 does not cost much, but can accomplish much!

 Lens model  DCR-731      
 Magnification    0.7x 
 Optical  Design   Achromatic 2-Group/2-Element 
 Filter size (mm)  None
 Height (mm)  29
 Weight (g)  130
 Mounting size (mm)  52
 Accessories  Acrylic box, top cover, bottom cover, adapter rings (mm):37, 43, 55