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Sky-Watcher 102mm Maksutov EQ2 System

A portable, affordable and high quality telescope suitable for secondary school students and above. Comes with an equatorial mount to reinforce understanding of the Earth's rotation on its axis. 

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This 102mm aperture telescope of Maksutov-Cassegrain design is one of the best beginner's telescopes! It is a high-quality and affordable tool. Parents can get it for their children to appreciate the stars or learn something about science. Also suitable for working adults who are beginning to get interested in the stars and would like to try out stargazing with a good scope and a portable mount at an affordable price without compromising quality. 

The telescope body is extremely portable due to its ultra compact design, so it will not occupy too much space even in a small bedroom! It has a long focal length of 1300mm, which means with the 10mm eyepiece supplied, you are able to obtain 130x magnification when viewing dim objects in the night sky! In other words, this is not a TOY, it is a real professionally-made TELESCOPE at a low price! 

The EQ2 mount cum tripod may also be attached with an OPTIONAL motor drive should you wish to upgrade its performance. The motor drive will enable the telescope to rotate in a slow motion consistent with the rotation of the stars on our planet's axis. The entire system weighs less than 10kg, so it is possible to be carried around by a teenager. 

Comes with standard accessories which allow you to start the hobby of stargazing immediately: a 1.25" mirror diagonal, red dot finder and 2 eyepieces - 25mm and 10mm. Such standard accessories as well as the colour of the telescope are subject to change due to constant upgrade and product improvement. 

Easy to use with minimal fuss. Please read the entire manual before self-assembly. Comes with 1-Year Warranty. 

Click here to know what objects in the night sky can be seen with the telescope below with its provided eyepieces (power).

 Telescope model  Sky-Watcher MAK102EQ2 
 Optical design   Maksutov-Cassegrain
 Aperture (mm)   102 
 Focal length (mm)  1300
 Aperture ratio  f/12.7
 Resolving power  1.15 arc sec
 Limit value (mag)  12.7
 Highest practical power  204x
 Focuser type  1.25" with mirror diagonal
 Eyepieces (power)  1.25" Super Plossl 25mm (52x) & 10mm (130x)
 Finder scope  Red dot finder
 Telescope weight (kg)  1.93
 Mount type  German equatorial EQ2
 Mount weight (kg)  3.0
 Counterweight(kg)  3.5
 Accessories  Nil

WARNING: Do not point this telescope or any type of viewing instrument towards the Sun as it will hurt your eyes and cause permanent eye damage! 

The Maksutov 102mm telescope is a great functional optical instrument that requires minimal maintenance. The optics are encased in a stable construction and will not easily get misaligned. Care should be taken to ensure that there is no oil, grease marks or fingerprints on the lens surface. Specks or dust particles are normal and do not require cleaning unless there is obvious accumulation which blocks the view when seen through the telescope. Please use mint-free microfiber cloth should you wish to do minimal cleaning.

McGill's Sky-Watcher telescopes come with a 1-year Singapore Warranty against manufacturer's defects.