Sky-Watcher 200mm (8") Flexible Dobsonian Maximize

Sky-Watcher 200mm (8") Flexible Dobsonian

Big telescope at a small price! Fits into your backyard or car perfectly. 

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S$ 999.00

This 200mm aperture telescope of Dobsonian design is one of the best telescopes for any level of viewing! Specially designed for the serious hobbyists who desire as much power as possible without a ridiculous price tag! Also suitable for working adults who are beginning to get interested in the stars and would like to try out stargazing with a very powerful telescope from the start! 

Sky-Watcher 8" DOB - Join the Ranks of Serious Observers ...Corresponding to the escalating "aperture fever" that has gripped amateur astronomy for several decades, an 8" diameter is now generally regarded as the minimum entry-level aperture for serious observing.The low cost, large diameter, and fast focal ratio of the 8" Sky-Watcher Dobsonian make it an ideal dedicated telescope for wide-field, deep-space observation of faint galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters.The low-power dramatically captures wide swaths of sky in a single view. Galaxies and nebulae appear to pop out of the heavens as bright, expansive masses of stars, gas, and dust. If you have never before observed through a high-quality, wide-field Dobsonian, like the SW 8" DOB, you are in for one of the sweetest experiences in amateur astronomy.

Imagine the exhilaration of opening a clam and discovering a pearl. The sky is full of pearls - astronomical pearls! While they won't make you rich in the financial sense, for amateur astronomers at least, observing the fabled pearls of deep-space is a rich and even exhilarating pastime. A catharsis for the soul that renders the mundane insignificant, and reconnects us with the inner child who revels in awe and wonderment. A night observing with the SW 8" Dob can leave you with a lingering sense of contentment long after the evening's viewing is over. 

The telescope body is extremly compact due to its retractable design and easy dismantling into 2 major parts. It will not find itself out of place be it in a compact car, a small balcony or a tiny backyard! It has a long focal length of 1200mm, which means with the 10mm eyepiece supplied, you are able to obtain 120x magnification when viewing dim objects in the night sky! In other words, this is an extremely capable telescope which will offer you many wonderful moments in the night sky, allowing you to see dim objects that most other telescopes will not be able to capture in Singapore! 

In short, this is a gigantic telescope that packs a punch without burning a hole in your pocket! 

Easy to use with minimal fuss. Please read the supplied manual for smooth setup. Comes with 1-Year Warranty. 

NOTE: A minimum deposit of S$500 is required to confirm order of this telescope. To be paid in cash or via local bank transfer only. Any balance will have to be paid in cash upon product delivery to your address in Singapore. We will provide the necessary instructions after checkout.

Click here to know what objects in the night sky can be seen with the telescope below with its provided eyepieces (power).

 Telescope model  Sky-Watcher 200mm (8") Flexible Dobsonian 
 Optical design   Newtonian reflector with parabolic primary mirror
 Aperture (mm)   203
 Focal length (mm)  1200
 Aperture ratio  f/6
 Resolving power  0.69 arc sec
 Limit value in magnitude  14.2
 Highest practical power  406x
 Focuser type  Crayford 2" with 1.25" adapter
 Eyepieces supplied (power)  1.25" Super Plossl 26mm (46x) & 10mm (120x)
 Finder scope  9x50 Straight-through finder
 Telescope weight (kg)  11.0
 Mount type  Dobsonian
 Mount weight (kg)  11.5
 Accessories  Nil