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Sky-Watcher AZ4 Alt-azimuth Mount

Arguably the most affordable & stable grab-n-go mount for casual stargazing for users with big telescopes such as 6" reflectors or 5" refractors. Also popular with wildlife enthusiasts using giant binoculars or shooters equipped with DSLR cameras with gigantic telephoto lenses!

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S$ 480.00

The Sky-Watcher AZ4 Alt-azimuth mount is popular with astronomers and terrestrial observers alike. The design features separate clutches on both the Altitude and Azimuth axes and a panning arm which can be fixed in two separate positions. The movements are smooth and controllable.

The AZ4 is equipped with quality features found only in much more expensive mounts. The 1.75" thick premium-grade stainless steel tripod legs offer much-needed protection and stability to your telescope, especially when viewing objects at high magnification. The cast aluminum main frame is so thick and rugged that you won't possibly find in other mounts around the AZ4's price range. It is also a portable product as it weighs around 8kg.

Since its launch in 2008, the highly-affordable Sky-Watcher AZ4 Alt-azimuth mount has been a silent and reliable workhorse delighting thousands of casual stargazers all over the world!

Listed as a "Hot Product" by popular Briitish astronomy magazine Astronomy Now:

"... the AZ4 does feel reassuringly solid. There are easy to grip friction clutches on both axes and there’s a stout, 29cm-long panning handle that may be screwed into one of two ergonomically sited points separated by a 90-degree angle for additional control. A rugged Vixen-style dovetail-mounting block ensures compatibility with a wide range of optical tubes up to around eight inches in diameter. It’s quite feasible to mount a six-inch Newtonian on this rig... ... Another nice feature is the altitude and azimuth scales marked in one-degree divisions — a nice aid to locating celestial objects if you have a Palm or Pocket-PC planetarium program."  Ade Ashford - Astronomy Now, Dec 08

Astronomy telescopes attach directly to the mount via a standard Vixen-type dovetail bar (sold separately). An optional L-bracket is required to mount spotting scopes, DSLR cameras or any optical equipment with a standard tripod hole.

TIPS: The AZ4 will be able to support 8" SCTs/MCTs if extra measures are taken, such as using not-so-heavy accessories on the telescope, ensuring the tripod legs are fully extended and spread wide open, attaching a counterweight eg. a sandbag below the mount, etc.

 Mount model  Sky-Watcher AZ4 Alt-azimuth      
 Vertical & horizontal movements    Friction-controlled bearing system 
 Optical tube connection   Dovetail-plate system 
 Maximum loading weight  7kg
 Weight  8.4kg
 Tripod legs  2-section stainless steel, height adjustable from 630mm to 1150mm
 Accessories  Panning handle, eyepiece holder