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Raynox DCR-5320PRO 3-in-1 Macro Kit

Super high quality macro converter lenses with 72mm threads. Witness amazing results when combined wtih professional video cameras and DSLR lenses with filter sizes of 72mm or more! Optional adapter rings are available for 77mm and 82mm filter threads. Made in Japan.

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The Raynox DCR-5320PRO is an unique lens set consisting of +2 and +3 diopter lenses. These can be combined to form +5 magnification for closer macro images.

DCR-5320PRO is an extremely versatile and affordable macro lens set for the ever-increasing Canon, Nikon and Olympus DSLR users in Singapore! With its 72mm thread size, it can be mounted directly to the Nikkor VR 18-200mm lens. Canon users usually purchase an optional RA7277, RA7258 or RA7255 Raynox high-quality stepping ring for their 77mm telephoto lenses, 58mm zoom lenses or 55mm macros. Olympus users will purchase the RA7267, RA7258 or RA7252 for their Zuiko Digital lenses. These stepping rings are customised by Raynox to be sleek with well-defined threads for use with DCR-5320PRO. NOTE: Stepping rings not purchased from McGill may not achieve the required optimal performance. 

Examples of macro shots by DCR-5320PRO mounted to the Nikon 18-200VR depicting the possible magnifications in diopter value, from left to right: no macro lens to 2 macro lenses of DCR-5320PRO stacked together.

In general. for DSLR lenses combined with non-full frame cameras, with respect to the 2-Diopter and 3-Diopter macro lenses, there would be no vignetting (or dark corners) when your zoom lens is set at 50mm focal length or more. For the 5-Diopter (ie. with the 2 macros combined), it's at 100mm or more.

This macro lens set is compatible with many prosumer digital cameras having thread sizes of 52mm - 62mm and DSLR lenses with 67mm, 77mm and even 82mm filter sizes. Just inform us the stepping rings you are looking for upon ordering. 

The DCR-5320PRO High-Definition (HD) lens will give the necessary image quality required by professionals, skilled amateurs or hobbyists. It is also suitable for a wide variety of medium such as Digital, 35mm Film, 4x5 Film, 6x6 Film and High Vision Media such as the latest videocam models.

This add-on lens set is getting popular in Singapore due to its reasonable pricing compared to original macro lenses from Canon, Nikon and other DSLR brands which are normally marketed above S$600 in camera shops. The DCR-5320PRO can be easily attached to existing medium telephoto lenses that most users already have. Sure appeals to the "budget" DSLR users who don't want to spend a "bomb" to venture into macrophotography! 

All Raynox lenses come with 1-year warranty. Trust McGill with peace of mind!

 Lens model  DCR-5320PRO        
 Magnification    +5/3/2 Diopter 
 Optical  Design   Achromatic 3-Group/5-Element 
 Filter size (mm)  72
 Height (mm)  59
 Weight (g)  395
 Mounting size (mm)  72
 Accessories  Pouch, top cover, bottom cover


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