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McGill KREIS90 Professional LED Ring Light

Advanced LED ring light for all-round use. Can be mounted to wide angle DLSR lenses with OPTIONAL adapter. Made in Korea.

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The KREIS90 is a versatile, powerful and extremely high quality LED ring light designed to be compatible with countless DSLR lenses, digital cameras, videocameras as well as the highly popular Raynox DCR series macro converter lenses (see DCR-250A). Best used for wide range of macro and portrait shots. Also strongly recommended for dental/medical usage and fuss-free item photography. The KREIS90 is well-received by professional videographers seeking an affordable lighting system.

The KREIS90 ring light uses the more elaborate and expensive Superflux 3-Chip Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as compared to normal LEDs to produce a powerful natural daylight of 5,000K to 6,000K with a wide projection angle of 150 degrees. The KREIS90 offers excellent lighting on objects of different shapes and contours with almost shadow-free, ghost-free professional effect. Brightness is adjustable from 50% to 100%. The main body is made of Duralumin, the same lightweight material used in aircraft construction.

Competitive edge of KREIS90 over other LED macro lights on the market:
1. Constant brightness till complete power discharge
2. Compact body without any messy cable or unsightly supporting bracket
3. Big diameter size of 77mm is compatible with countless DSLR lenses/digital cameras/videocameras, including 82mm lenses with optional 82mm step-up ring
4. Powered by in-built high capacity rechargeable battery (4500mAh vs 2000mAh & below OR alkaline batteries for other brands); longlasting – 6 hours at low power
5. Easy to carry around due to its light weight of 350g
6. Brightness level at 720 Candelas (CD) is powerful due to wide bounce angle design - 3-7x brighter than competing models
7. Supplied Mounting Ring TR-84 with velcro tape allows it to be attached easily to nearby structures for use as a light source, other than acting as a secondary light source mounted to a camera tripod
8. Can be attached to wide angle DSLR lenses with optional Mounting Ring SM-74
9. An optional car cigarette charger allows for last-minute or emergency charging inside your car!

The McGill KREIS90 package comes with the following parts:
ONE KREIS90 LED Ring Light
ONE Power Charger (AC 110V~240V)
ONE Multi-Plug (International)
ONE TR-84 Ring with Velcro Tape for mounting to tripod or tent
ONE Pouch for storage
SEVEN Step-Up Rings: 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm & 72mm

The McGill KREIS90 package ships worldwide. Designed and manufactured wholly in South Korea, powered with the famous Sanyo rechargeable batteries (4500mAh capacity) from Japan. Rest assured this is a quality product!

Read McGill KREIS90 User Manual for detailed technical specifications.


Sony NEX-5 kit lens + KREIS90 + Raynox DCR-250, courtesy of Kindo Zhang:


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