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Nissin Di466 Black (for Nikon)

Affordable and versatile 1st flash unit for anyone who wants to have fun with flash photography! Performance is comparable to Nikon's SB-400 flash unit. 

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Nissin, one of Japan's leading manufacturers of electronic flash units for almost 50 years, introduces the Di466 Series to photography lovers all over the world! Being a world pioneer of dedicated auto focus flashes, Nissin has revolutionised the photography world with its now common red beam focus assist light. 

The Nissin Di466 is designed specifically for digital SLR cameras with the latest TTL technology. This compact unit packs at GN of 33m(@ 105mm/ISO100). Flash exposure compensation is quick with up to +/-1.5Ev at 0.5Ev increments. Full manual flash capabilities are possible as well. A great budget master/slave flash! 


Latest camera models which are compatible with the Di466-Nikon mount:
Any Nikon DSLR or digital camera with a hot-shoe mount.

In all, the Nissin Di466 (Nikon) is an exceptional flash at an extremely attractive price that can be used rather effortlessly by any newbie and also useful to a professional on shooting assignments. Compared to Nikon's SB-400 which has similar performance, the Nissin Di466 is definitely a more attractive option either to a beginner or an experienced user who prefers something useful and capable but at a much lower price. 

User Review:
"... ... I think the Nissin Di466 has overthrown the Nikon SB-400 in terms of price and feature. If you are planning to get SB-400, check out Di466 before you make your final decision because it's a steal."

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McGill strongly recommends the Nissin Di466 Series - affordable, capable and useful! So, why wait? 

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And HERE for complete technical specifications of Di466 Series. 

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