JJC LX7 Filter Adapter (37mm) Maximize

JJC LX7 Filter Adapter (37mm)

Replaces the original ring on the lens of LX7 which has no threads. With this adapter, it is now possible to mount UV or PL filter to your LX7 or D-Lux 6! Only black colour is available.

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This adapter is ESSENTIAL to provide protection for your precious LX7 or D-Lux 6 camera. You can attach a UV filter to the lens to avoid scratches and dirt appearing on the lens surface. Or a PL (polarizing) filter can be used when you shoot near the beach or bright sunlight to improve image contrast. Of course you may attach a variety of special effects filter as well. 

This useful product also allows you to attach the extremely popular Raynox MSN-202 Super Macro Converter lens to your LX7 camera. 

NOTE: This filter adapter is COMPATIBLE with our JJC LX7 Auto Lens Cap! But you have to remove any filter from this filter adapter so that the Auto Lens Cap can close properly.