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Vixen APZ Mount w/SXG-HAL130 Tripod

Bestselling altazimuth mount for big aperture telescopes! Offers smooth slow motion controls even for an 8" SCT! Compact mount for grab-n-go!

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Versatile mount for both beginner and expert stargazers. Made in Japan. (Tripod made in China.)

This altazimuth mount from the top-quality Advanced Polaris range from Vixen holds your telescope securely and allows you to finely adjust the tracking of your target object. This is achieved thanks to six bearings and 58.4 millimeter diameter worm gears.

The mount is equipped with an adjustable friction stop mechanism. So you can target an object simply by pushing the telescope tube in the correct direction with your hand. Knobs allow for the fine adjustment and tracking. Operation is completely intuitive and simple.

But best of all is the modular attachment system: you can replace the friction stop mechanisms at any time with Advanced Polaris optional motors. The high-quality Vixen design is compatible with motorisation: the power cables and batteries for the motors are completely built-in. The convenient advantage of the friction stop mechanism is retained even with the motor modules. The control is then performed using the Star Book One hand control box. 

Can easily be upgraded by ordering optional parts to suit advanced applications, such as full conversion to standard German Equatorial Mount and astrophotography




Type Altazimuth mounting
Load capacity (kg) 8, 12 (with optional shaft & counterweights)
Counterweight(s) (piece) 1 (1,65kg)
Worm gear teeth (RA) (piece) 140
Material of worm wheel Brass
Diameter of counterweight bar (mm) 20
DEC worm gear diameter (mm) 58,4
RA worm gear diameter (mm) 58,4



Motor-powered no (optional)
Tripod  SXG-HAL130
Pole finder no



Overall size LxWxH (cm) 17,8 x 25,8 x 10,4
Total weight (kg) 3,8
Series Advanced Polaris

User Reviews:

"I have been using this mount for one year. Build quality is excellent as you can expect from vixen. I use this mount for Tak TSA120 (9kg with accessories), and it is surprisingly stable and smooth! I particularly love its micro adjustment, very useful for high power planetary observation."    - Zhao

NOTE: The Vixen Half Pier shown is optional but very useful for big telescopes.

Takahashi Mewlon 210 (8,2kg excluding accessories) on APZ Mount with SXG-HAL130 Tripod:

Ultra smooth movements with a Celestron C8 SCT Telescope (~6kg) with optional counterweight and shaft: