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JJC LX7 Auto Lens Cap (Black)

Patented lens cap with a cover that will open automatically when the LX7 or D-Lux 6 camera is ready to shoot! 

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S$ 22.00

This highly innovative product protects the lens of your Panasonic Lumix LX7 or Leica D-Lux 6 camera. The cap opens automatically as you switch on the LX7/D-Lux 6 and closes when you switch it off. It attaches to the front of the lens, acting as a protective dust cap when not in use. This auto lens cap can be used together with the JJC LX7 Filter Adapter

To avoid counterfeit product, please ensure there is a coating sticker on the packaging which can be scraped off to confirm it is an authentic JJC product!

NOTE: This is the latest 2013 model which has tighter tolerances and better fitting. The aperture ring of the LX7 can now rotate smoothly during use. 

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