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Raynox DCR-150 Upgrade Kit

High quality macro converter lens offering a magnification strength of +4.8 diopter. Useful with superzoom prosumer cameras & DSLR macro lenses. Made in Japan. 

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A delightfull and affordable addition to your macro photography! This amazing lens can be used with various types of media - 35mm film/digital format, digital cameras, videocams and even medium-format cameras! 

This upgrade kit includes an adapter ring for you to stack an optional Raynox DCR-250 lens to the DCR-150. Existing users of DCR-250 will find this most useful in getting that extra detail that a DCR-250 might not be able to achieve, due to +4.8 diopter increment in magnification.

Beginners to macrophotography will also find the DCR-150 easier to use due to its longer focusing distance of 20cm compared to 12cm for DCR-250. No longer can you find an excuse not to take small insects as your camera can be positioned at a respectable distance of around 20cm, which will not be near enough to frighten them!

For compact digital camera users, you are now able to take close-ups further away from the object than before AND possibly at a higher magnification. For example, if your camera's nearest macro focusing distance is 1cm, but with this attached, you can possibly take a bigger and clearer close-up around 20cm! Great for those insect shots when you don't want to disturb the elusive creatures too much! 

Good news for DSLR users, whether you are a Pro or a Beginner!!! No need to use lens bellow attachments which only result in significant light loss! Simply attach this lens to the standard lens kit or zoom lens, instead of buying expensive original macro DSLR lenses, if you have no qualms about shooting objects at a shorter focusing distance of around 20cm as compared to a conventional distance of 1 feet or 30cm for a standard DSLR macro lens. Or if you already have a dedicated macro lens such as the Tamron SP90, you can definitely enhance its performance by integrating the DCR-150 into the setup. This lens is easier to use compared to the DCR-250, which requires you to get closer to the object! 

Click here to confirm if your DSLR lens or compact digital camera is compatible with this macro converter lens. DCR-150 has the same compatibility standards as DCR-250.

 Lens model  DCR-150 Upgrade Kit        
 Magnification    +4.8 Diopter 
 Optical  Design   Achromatic 2-Group/3-Element 
 Filter size (mm)  49
 Height (mm)  18
 Weight (g)  60
 Mounting size (mm)  43
 Accessories  Universal adapter, acrylic box, top cover, bottom cover, stacker ring


Click here for countless stunning photos taken by DCR-150 users!

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