NIID FINO II (NEO) Anti-Theft Sling Bag★Original★Direct from NIID Factory in China★YKK Zippers Maximize

NIID FINO II (NEO) Anti-Theft Sling Bag★Original★Direct from NIID Factory in China★YKK Zippers

Bestselling anti-theft sling bag for overseas travel, especially to cities with rampant pickpocketing. Feel safe and be safe by using this sling bag! Official genuine product from NIID!

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More than 200,000 sold worldwide! Definitely there's a reason why! 

Traveling to Europe soon? So many pickpocket syndicates in major cities! Get this anti-theft bag to store your important documents, cash and credit cards! A worthwhile investment for a happy, smooth trip with peace of mind! 

This FINO II or NEO sling bag comes with various upgrades in design and materials compared to the first FINO bag version. The result of important customer feedback from around the world! Hurry whilst stocks last!

This bag is specifically designed for holding small, thin portable items such as smartphones, mobile powerbanks, passport/travel documents, credit cards, cash, iPad Minis or small tablets, etc. Do not overload it or complain it is too tiny to be labelled as a bag. You should look elsewhere if you really want a conventional sling bag to carry bigger items than those mentioned. 

A low profile sling bag which can be worn inside a jacket. Removable buckle/strap at the front for quick release without the need to remove outer jacket. May remain well-hidden from view at all times. 

A highly desirable anti-theft bag for travelling in Europe where pickpockets are rampant in many cities. The zippers are well hidden under the flaps and the tough bag material is not easily cut opened by pen knives. Feel safe and be safe! 

Beautiful and trendy minimalist bag suitable for many occasions. A wonderful birthday gift. Water-resistant high grade eco-polyester with premium YKK heavy duty zippers. A quality compact bag that is easily worth the price on offer here. Actually any bag with YKK zippers can rightly be called a high quality bag! 

More details about this bag can be found on the official website

ORIGINAL product direct from Niid's factory in China! 

Upon purchase of this bag, please visit official website to enter a 16-digit code found on the tag of the bag. Use a coin to scratch off the silver surface to reveal the code. We guarantee your bag is AUTHENTIC product! 

We also offer the critically-acclaimed UNO II bag from NIID. Contact us for price and delivery schedule. 

NOTE: There are usually TWO types of fakes on the market. Some bags come with authentic YKK zippers but with FAKE or USED verification codes. The USED verification code is taken from an original bag and printed in mass numbers onto tags of fake bags. This type is known as high quality fakes which come from another factory eager to benefit from the hype on Fino bags. These are usually offered at comparable or slightly lower prices. The second type are obvious fakes at much lower prices which are clones of the product with inferior material including zippers and may even have different dimensions. 

How to know for sure my FINO II bag is an original product?
The answer is very simple. Any FINO II bag with an accompanying verification code that can be accepted without any warning messages by the official website is an ORIGINAL product!

As a guideline, FINO II (NEO) bags which are sold at less than SGD$60 are 99% fakes. The price of this product is USD$69.99 (~SGD$95) on the official website. How is it possible for the bag, if original, to be priced at less than SGD$60 at retail? Sounds too good to be true?

A common practice or tactic used by dishonest sellers is to upload pictures of the REAL product, but only to deliver to you a very different product. When queried, they will say the bag now has a new design or pattern. Of course there are also truthful sellers who admit they are selling counterfeit products but at lower prices. Experience has shown that counterfeit products are usually made from inferior materials with bad workmanship and may be easily damaged. It is likely the buyer will NOT get a better deal at a lower price! Therefore get the REAL stuff!

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