Orion FunScope Astro Dazzle 4.5" (114mm) Reflector Tabletop Telescope Maximize

Orion FunScope Astro Dazzle 4.5" (114mm) Reflector Tabletop Telescope

High quality beginner's telescope for children aged 6 years and above. Also suitable for adults looking for an affordable basic telescope for simple stargazing! This model has to be placed on a level platform such as a table or bench for proper usage. 

FREE Moon Map to locate all the famous craters on the Moon! FREE download insert for astronomy software! 

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One BIG challenge in getting children to be interested in stargazing is finding a fully functional telescope which will offer clear views of interesting objects in the night sky.

Cheap telescopes at less than SGD$100 can be found abundantly online but these will often dampen or kill the interest of children as it is frustratingly difficult to see properly through such low grade optical products. On the other hand, parents do not wish to invest in an expensive telescope which may not be able to sustain the interest of their children. 

This Orion Funscope 4.5" (114m) Reflector Telescope is an affordable and easy-to-use beginner's model which may create new interest in children so that they will spend less time playing games such as Minecraft! 

  • A beautiful telescope decorated with a unique, full-color collage of popular space objects
  • Provides great all-around views thanks to 4.5"-aperture, wide-field optics
  • Pre-assembled sturdy base with simple up/down left/right motion makes stargazing easy for the whole family
  • A perfect telescope for young amateur astronomers to begin exploring starry skies
  • Includes 25mm (20x) and 10mm (50x) eyepieces, EZ Finder II sight, MoonMap 260, Starry Night SE astronomy software digital download.


Give the whole family a gift to enjoy year after year with the eye-catching FunScope Astro Dazzle Reflector Telescope. Stargazing with a telescope is a great way for families to enjoy a hobby together without being stuck in front of the TV or staring at a tablet or smartphone. So get everyone up off the couch and start exploring the wonders of the night sky with the new FunScope Astro Dazzle Reflector!

The easy to use FunScope Astro Dazzle Reflector features a uniquely decorated, rolled steel telescope tube adorned with an Orion-designed, exclusive collage of actual celestial photographs of some of the most famous objects in space.

The FunScope Astro Dazzle is a full-fledged telescope that's great for all-around observing of the night sky. With a sophisticated, 4.5"-aperture parabolic primary mirror and 500mm focal length, this reflector telescope collects a lot of light for wonderful wide-field views. This kid-friendly reflector is a great telescope for young stargazers to use with adult supervision for jaw-dropping views of the Moon, planets, and even brighter star clusters and nebulas of deep space.  

This reflector telescope's delightfully compact design and light weight of just 10.9 lbs. makes it easy to transport, while its sturdy swivel-base can be set on the ground, on a picnic table, or other similar surface for comfortable use. The base's simple up/down, left/right altazimuth motion makes it easy to point the telescope, and to slowly track celestial objects as they appear to move across the sky.

This complete telescope arrives with a pre-assembled swivel base and a great set of accessories with everything you need to start exploring the heavens right out of the box!

Beautifully decorated telescope tube features full-color photos of objects in space.

The FunScope's unique optical tube features a dazzling astrophoto collage wrapped around the entire telescope tube. The Orion-exclusive collage includes full-color astrophotos of famous celestial objects such as planets Saturn and Jupiter, the Andromeda Galaxy, the Pleiades star cluster, Comet Lovejoy and more. This vibrant telescope is an instant attention-grabber that's sure to inspire stargazing adventures night after night.

Includes two 1.25" Kellner telescope eyepieces for different magnification options.

Use the two Kellner eyepieces that come with the FunScope Astro Dazzle 4.5" Reflector to scan the skies at two different magnifications. Start exploring with the included 25mm eyepiece and the 20x view it provides. When you want to take a closer look, insert the included 10mm eyepiece to bump magnification up to 50x for more powerful views. The telescope's 1.25" rack-and-pinion focuser accepts other interchangeable 1.25" eyepieces to achieve different viewing magnifications (additional eyepieces sold separately).

The included Orion EZ Finder II red-dot sight makes aiming the telescope nice and easy.

Following a simple alignment procedure that parents can help with, you can use the EZ Finder II sight to accurately aim the FunScope Astro Dazzle reflector telescope at objects in the sky like the Moon and bright planets. Once aligned with the telescope, just turn on the EZ Finder II and peer through the sight's small circular viewing window so you see the red dot, and move the telescope until the red dot is on the object you want to see. Look in the telescope, and there it is!

Use the Orion MoonMap 260 to learn more about the lunar features you see in the telescope.

With locations and names of over 260 features on the Moon such as craters, mountains, valleys, "seas" and more, the included Orion MoonMap 260 is a great tool for beginning astronomers. This detailed map will even show you where various spacecraft have landed on the Moon's surface! The whole family will enjoy looking at the Moon with the telescope, then using the MoonMap 260 to learn the names of the craters and other features observed.

Learn about the night sky with the included Starry Night Special Edition software.

Explore starry skies anytime - even when it's cloudy! The Orion FunScope Astro Dazzle telescope includes a FREE download insert for a Special Edition of Starry Night astronomy software. With realistic sky simulations and a many useful features including telescope control, the user-friendly Starry Night Special Edition software will help you plan your observations and understand what you see. Requires PC running Windows 7, 8 or 10. Requires Macintosh running OS X 10.4 or higher.

The Orion FunScope Astro Dazzle Reflector Telescope features fully adjustable optics to ensure peak performance. A quick-collimation cap is included to help align the reflecting optics if necessary.  

Discover a new fun hobby for the whole family to enjoy with the Orion FunScope AstroDazzle Reflector!

This telescope comes with 1-Year Singapore Warranty for Manufacturing Defects.

User Review - Detailed 20-minute report from an experienced stargazer:

WARNING: Do not point this telescope or any type of viewing instrument towards the Sun as it will hurt your eyes and even cause permanent eye damage!