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Raynox CM-2000A Macro Kit

Deluxe macro kit for the serious shooter. Covers a near-complete range of magnification for many applications. Made in Japan.

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Tips - If this is your first time hearing about Raynox macro lenses, a FAQ section is provided here

Customized digital macro photography set only available from McGill! Consisting of 2 high-quality macro lenses made of rare earth glass material, the DCR-150 (+4.8-Diopter) & DCR-250 (+8-Diopter) can be used individually or combined to give 3 levels of magnification, potentially fulfilling ALL your macrophotography needs! This macro kit is the BESTSELLER for DSLR camera users who like to take different levels of magnification for a wide range of insects and objects! 

The CM-2000A can be used with most DSLR lenses and countless digital cameras (some may need an extra lens adapter) with filter diameters from 49mm to 67mm. It also works well with almost 100% of videocams available on the Singapore market, some may need the appropriate stepping rings.

When both lenses are stacked to give a combined magnification of +12.8-Diopter, surprising details can be discovered with no obvious drop in picture quality! The focusing distance will be reduced though. See note below. (The supplied ring found inside the DCR-150 box is to be attached to the top threads of the DCR-250 for stacking.)

A tripod may be used for the highest magnification to ensure sharpness in image quality. The 2 pictures seen below are taken using a Pentax DSLR camera with Tamron 18-200mm lens and CM-2000A. Note the small flower bud in the 2nd picture (with stacked CM-2000A lenses) is actually located near to the top of the 1st picture (without CM-2000A). 

NOTE: Focusing distance of these converter lenses are shorter than that of a normal DSLR lens.

Focusing distance of DCR-150: 20cm @+4.8 diopter

Focusing distance of DCR-250: 11cm @+8.0 diopter

Focusing distance of DCR-150 + DCR-250: 8cm @+12.8 diopter

Focusing distance of standard DSLR lenses: 30cm


Professional and amateur photographers will welcome its ability to be used with medium and large format cameras! Also suitable for scientists and businessmen who want to have quick and easy way to record small objects and tiny details for their work. 

 Lens model  CM-2000A        
 Magnifications    +4,8, +8.0, +12.8 (Diopter) 
 Optical  Design   Achromatic 2-Group/3-Element 
 Filter size (mm)  49
 Height (mm)  18
 Weight (g)  140
 Mounting size (mm)  43
 Accessories  (Universal adapter, acrylic box, top cover, bottom cover) x 2,
 49mm adapter ring

Test Shots using a Nikon 50mm Prime Lens with CM-2000A
Shooting quality macro pictures at an affordable price!

Just a 50mm Prime Lens without any Raynox macro lens, focusing distance ~ 30cm:

With DCR-150 (+4.8 Diopter), focusing distance ~ 20cm:

With DCR-250 (+8.0 Diopter), focusing distance ~ 11cm:

With DCR-150 & DCR-250 (+12.8 Diopter), focusing distance ~ 6cm:

NOTE: A higher magnification will result in a shorter focusing distance. This is due to the optical design of achromatic lenses. Normal DSLR lenses offer a minimum focusing distance of about 30cm. So this is the trade-off for using such macro converter lenses! 

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