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Demb Flash Diffuser Pro Edition

Innovative & amazing effects, built for all-round professional lighting. Made in USA.

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NOTE: Beware of DFD look-alikes offered in some camera shops. These are of much inferior quality and are made in China, not the USA, though a poorly photocopied leaflet inside states the product is from USA! The reflector is hinged permanently and cannot be removed, unlike the DFD Pro! 

This is the latest design as of Jan 2014. Better industrial and construction grade material like plexiglass acrylic, extruded polypropylene (Coroplast) and ABS have been used for this new model. 

This innovative and extremely versatile flash diffuser created by our friend Joe Demb of USA is great news to both professional shooters and beginners alike. The lighting concept employed is simple yet very effective. It consists of a Demb Flip-it! flash reflector with a dual-layer light-corrected diffusing panel in front of the reflecting card. 

The diffusing panel is attached with Velcro to the strap of the Flip-it! reflector, allowing both the panel and reflector to be set at various angles to provide different levels of diffusion and coverage. This flash tool uses no glue and no tape to fix itself to your flash! It now comes with a high grade polymer band attachable to the velcrop strap for shock protection and durability. Thus, with Demb Flash Diffuser you have more room for creativity and experimentation, and flash photography has never been so interesting and fun as before! 

To deliver different diffusion effects, the Demb Flash Diffuser Pro can be attached to either a wide or narrow side of a flash head. As with many other flash light modifiers, mounting on a narrow side of a flash head allows for an easy switching between the horizontal and vertical camera positions (practically eliminating the need for a flash bracket). 

Invented by Joe Demb, an American professional Nikon photographer of more than 20 years of shooting experience, this flash diffuser is suitable for use with any standard DSLR flashes, irrespective of the brand. The inventor was not pleased with the performance of existing flash diffusers on the market and so decided to invent his own! Hence the creation of DFD Pro - which is fast becoming the preferred flash diffuser for professionals and amateurs in USA and even now in Singapore! 

Detailed description of this amazing flash diffuser can be found at his website

Why you should get a DFD Pro:
- Easy to use by simply adjusting the angle of tilt you need
- Affordable
- Compact and folds easily to store
- Not bulky 
- Very light at less than 60 grams 
- Extremely effective in varying exposure
- Unique-looking flash tool to make you look like a Pro
- Brings your images to life! (3-D like images). Arguably the only flash tool on the market that can make your images look 3-D! Not like other diffusers which give a diffused light that makes everything FLAT!
- If you like to make your own reflectors, you can even stick a golden, silver or any type of surface panel onto the Velcro strap! It can be a truly expandable product left to your own creativity.
- Can be used for BOTH portrait and macro photography! Insects also want to look good and this flash diffuser fulfils their dreams.

Join the Demb Flash Diffuser/Flip-it! flickr group here for cool pictures taken with the DFD Pro, user experience and more!

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