Sky-Watcher Star Discovery AZ GOTO Computerized Mount & Tripod Maximize

Sky-Watcher Star Discovery AZ GOTO Computerized Mount & Tripod

Highly affordable and robust computerized mount for beginners as well as serious amateurs in stargazing! Comes with 2" stainless steel tripod legs.  

When attached to an optional telescope, this mount becomes great for family gatherings and birthday parties as the computerized function will enable the mount to pinpoint to any celestial object that people are keen to view at. 

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When designing the Star Discovery mount, Sky-Watcher engineers kept these words in mind: A simple mount that can really do astronomy, helps beginners to discover the night sky efficiently and that will become a tool that can fulfill your passion. 

With motors on both axes the Star Discovery mount can automatically slew a telescope to any subject from the Synscan V4 computerised handset database of over 42,900 night sky objects, including objects from Messier, IC, NGC and Caldwell catalogues, the planets, named stars, double stars, variable stars and even user-defined objects such as new comets.

The exciting new Sky-Watcher Star Discovery mount is an upgraded version of the AZ Go-To mount featuring FreedomFind™ dual encoder technology. This allows the telescope, once aligned, to be moved manually or electronically in either axis without the mount losing its alignment or positional information. After moving to a new object, the mount will continue to track it accurately. This gives the user enormous freedom, convenience and flexibility during observational sessions.

Main Features:
Supplied with Synscan V4 Computerised Handset
SynScan™ Database: Total 42,900+ Objects, including Complete M, NGC, IC & SAO Catalogues
Alignment Method: Two-star or Brightest star alignment
Pointing Accuracy Enhancement (PAE) feature
Unknown Object Indentification feature
Freedom-Find™ Dual-Encoder Technology
Tracking Rates: Sidereal, Lunar, Solar
Slewing Speeds: 1.0x, 2.0x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 400x, 500x, 600x, 800x
Tracking Mode: Dual Axis Tracking
Payload Capacity: 5kg
Quick release Clutches for Manual Override
Adjustable Stainless Steel Tripod with Accessory Tray
Accepts 45mm Sky-Watcher/Vixen type dovetail bars
Quiet Operation
Electronic DSLR Shutter Release SNAP Port (optional cables available separately)
PC Compatible: can be used with popular Planetarium Software.
SynScan Handset Firmware upgradeable via the Internet
Power Requirement: 12v DC Power Supply (Tip Positive) or 8 x AA Batteries (not supplied). Sky-Watcher 7Ah or 17Ah  Power Tank Recommended.