Sky-Watcher 70mm (f/10) Refractor AZ2 System Maximize

Sky-Watcher 70mm (f/10) Refractor AZ2 System

Bestselling beginner's telescope for children. Suitable for ages from primary school level to adults. Parents have to remind their children not to point the telescope at the sun when using it during daytime as it may result in eye damage! 

Use it to view the moon and bright planets in Singapore. Easy to use - just point to the correct spot in the night sky and enjoy! 

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At less than SGD$250, this super popular Sky-Watcher 70mm refractor is a classic two-element, air-spaced achromatic refractor telescope of good quality, and offers an affordable choice for primary school children to enter the amazing world of stargazing! 

This is a REAL telescope, completely different in quality compared to plasticky telescope toys sold in departmental stores which mislead with erroneous information on magnification power!

Its ease of use encourages children to explore the beauty of the night sky, even in light-polluted Singapore. Also suitable for adults who are beginning to get interested in the stars and would like to try out simple stargazing with a real basic telescope of good quality and a portable mount with a "friendly" price tag! 

NOTE: It is about 70cm long but is light in weight!

Comes with standard accessories which allow you to start the hobby of stargazing immediately: a 1.25" mirror diagonal, a 6x24 finder, 2 Super Modified Achromat (SMA) eyepieces of 25mm (28x) and 10mm (70x) plus an useful 2x barlow lens which doubles the original magnification to 56x and 140X respectively! Such standard accessories as well as the colour (black) of the telescope are subject to change depending on factory stock availabilty and future upgrades.

Supplied with an AZ2 altazimuth mount with slow-motion control cables which enable the telescope to move slowly during observation. 

*This telescope can be attached to a DSLR camera with an optional T-Ring for your camera brand! 

What you can see with this little scope: cloud bands on the planet Jupiter (as well as Jupiter's four largest moons), Saturn's ring system, the changing phases of Venus, and a lot of detail on the Moon as well as some bright star clusters. If you wish to have a better view of more tiny and faint objects in the night sky, we suggest a bigger and better telescope which costs more than $350 on this website.

This SW707AZ2 can also be used in the daytime for terrestrial or land viewing, such as watching birds, people or ships near the coastline. Just do not point to the Sun as it will cause damage to your eyes!

No doubt it is a small tiny telescope with limited power and one should not expect high performance from this beginner's model. But if it can enable a child or anyone to advance in the hobby of stargazing, it is a good telescope!

Users commenting on this telescope purchase:

"Was very pleased with the quality of this telescope. Took no time to set up- within half an hour we were gazing at the moons of Jupiter! Can't wait to take it away from the city lights and really see what it can do. Highly recommend this as a first scope."

"Purchased this for myself, having loved the sky and never having used a telescope. This was a quick and swift 45 minute set-up, along with an easy-to-read manual that shows everything you need to know about the 70 AZ2.

Delivery was quick, and the view of the moon has been so amazing. Easily able to spot certain stars, venus, jupiter and her moons too! Really happy to have purchased this."

"This is an amazing purchase - both in value, quality, and easy to use. I purchased this for my daughter's 9th Birthday, and it is perfect!"

Comes with our standard 1-year Sky-Watcher Singapore warranty for manufacturing defects. Purchase from McGill with a peace of mind!

The telescope's multi-coated optics ensure the image quality is better than most competing standard doublet models which only employ single-coated optics. Outstanding features of this Sky-Watcher 70mm (f/10) refractor system:

Magnification: The pictorial guide below helps you estimate the size of objects in the night sky as viewed through an eyepiece, depending on the magnification you use on the telescope. Possible magnifications of this telescope SW707AZ2: 28x, 56x, 70x & 140x.

NOTE: Please read the supplied manual before assembling the telescope. Parents should supervise their young children during use. 

WARNING: Do not point this telescope or any type of viewing instrument towards the Sun as it will hurt your eyes and even cause permanent eye damage! 

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