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Sky-Watcher BK1021 OTA 100mm Refractor Kit

Fantastic good quality achromatic telescope at an affordable price! Great first telescope for stargazing. Comes with tube rings and dovetail plate.

Connects to any standard astronomy mount such as Vixen PORTA II, Sky-Watcher AZ4 or any other mount with standard dovetail connection.

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An excellent first telescope for beginners with a budget of less than S$1000. Easy to use, just point to see night objects. Just combine it with an optional astronomy mount. We suggest PORTA II or AZ4 mount.  Click on Accessories tab to find out more.

The huge 4" aperture of the Sky-Watcher BK 1021 Black 102mm Refractor Telescope provides a dramatic increase in resolution and a heightened sense of seeing lunar and planetary surface phenomenon in seemingly 3D-like high-definition, as compared to smaller 60mm or 70mm telescopes. The lens design is achromatic, ie. the lenses are designed to correct for two wavelengths of light only. It is an inexpensive design but still much better than single-lens telescopes found commonly in toy stores. Such design yields false color, which can be seen as a purple halo (out-of-focus red and blue light) around bright objects like planets and stars. However this Sky-Watcher telescope has very good coatings and a special design which reduces the extent of the purple halo.

Tight globular star clusters like M13 in Constellation Hercules appear like a beehive of crisp stellar pin points, star upon thousands of stars deep into the objects core. In Deep-space, rich aggregates of stars within Galaxies, Nebulas, and open clusters appear brilliant contrasted against a very dark velvet black background. The wispy, delicate, featherlike structure of dust lanes and extension of glowing gasses can be seen reaching out far beyond the object''s core. 

Each air-to-glass lens surface of this Sky-Watcher Telescope has exotic anti-reflection metallic coatings applied to ensure optimum light through-put of approaching 99.5%. The proprietary Sky-Watcher Metallic High-Transmission Coatings (MHC) are the finest photon anti-rejection coatings in their class. The objective lens cell of the Sky-Watcher BK 1021 Black 102mm Refractor Telescope is light-baffled to reject stray, unfocused light. The draw tube is likewise baffled to insure optimum contrast. The Sky-Watcher Telescope tube interior is blackened to help prevent unfocused internal light reflections from reaching the focal plane. Combine with an optional computerized mount for excellence in astrophotography

Optical focus of the Sky-Watcher BK 1021 Black 102mm Refractor Telescope is achieved by means of a mechanically ultra-smooth, 2" rack-and-pinion focuser-assembly. The Sky-Watcher Telescope optical tube material is rolled steel, painted with powder-coated reflective black gloss with gold fleck accent. The front and back cells are cast-aluminum painted white, or black. 

  • Diameter/Aperture: 102mm
  • Focal Length: 1000mm
  • Multi-coated achromatic objective lens
  • Aluminum tube
  • Dew cap/Sunshade
  • Adjustable Objective-lens Cell
  • 6x30 finderscope for easy location of objects
  • Smooth rack-and-pinion 2" focuser with a 1.25" adapter, accepting both 1.25" and 2" eyepieces
  • 28% more light gathering power than 90mm, 112% more than 70mm
  • Ideal for high-power study of the moon and planets
Our Singapore version may come either with a 2" 28mm eyepiece only or 1.25" 25mm and 10mm eyepieces, depending on eyepiece stock availability in the Sky-Watcher factory.

Comes with a variety of useful acessories. See Technical data for details.

Happy customer who collected this impressive telescope from us recently. Note that the length is around 1 meter but it is pretty lightweight at 3.5kg.

Magnification: The pictorial guide below helps you estimate the size of objects in the night sky as viewed through an eyepiece, depending on the magnification you use on the telescope. 


Telescope Body: 7.5/10;  Mount: Not Applicable;  Verdict: Good for Planets & Double Stars 

*Based on ease of use, performance as claimed & mechanical quality

Click  here  to know what objects in the night sky can be seen with the telescope below with its provided eyepieces (power).

 Telescope model  Sky-Watcher Black 1021 Refractor OTA Kit
 Optical design   Achromatic refractor
 Aperture (mm)   102 
 Focal length (mm)  1000
 Aperture ratio  f/9.8
 Resolving power  1.15 arc sec
 Limit value (mag)  14
 Highest practical power  204x
 Focuser diameter  2" Rack-and-Pinion (single speed)
 Eyepiece (power)  2" LET 28mm (36x) or 1.25" SMA 25mm (40x) & 10mm (100x)
 Finder scope  6x30mm straight-through finder
 Mount type  Not provided
 Telescope weight (kg)  3.5
 Accessories  2" mirror diagonal with 1.25" adapter, tube rings
 with dovetail adapter plate