Sky-Watcher Black Diamond ED100 APO Refractor Maximize

Sky-Watcher Black Diamond ED100 APO Refractor

Fantastic high quality colour-free or APO telescope at a low price! Great first telescope for stargazing. Also used by experts in taking complicated type of astrophotography.

Increasingly popular with wildlife photographers who need that extra focal length to capture beautiful and rewarding images but who do not wish to spend more than S$5,000 to get a DSLR telephoto lens!

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The exceptionally smart looking Sky-Watcher Black Diamond series ED refractors are made from ED (Extra-low Dispersion) FPL-53 glass precision manufactured in Japan.. This glass greatly minimizes chromatic aberration, provides higher resolution and superior contrast. Colour fringing around objects is virtually eliminated. The refractor also features a backlash-free 2-inch dual speed Crayford focuser. The focuser wheels contain brushed-aluminum hubs with ridged rubber grip rings. These ED refractors are ideal for visual applications as well as astro-photography.

Comes with a variety of useful accessories. See Technical data for details.

Magnification: The pictorial guide below helps you estimate the size of objects in the night sky as viewed through an eyepiece, depending on the magnification you use on the telescope. 

Click  here  to know what objects in the night sky can be seen with the telescope below with its provided eyepieces (power).

 Telescope model  Sky-Watcher Black Diamond ED100 Refractor OTA Kit
 Optical design   Apochromatic refractor
 Aperture (mm)   100 
 Focal length (mm)  900
 Aperture ratio  f/9
 Resolving power  1.15 arc sec
 Limit value (mag)  14
 Highest practical power  200x
 Focuser diameter  2" Crayford (dual-speed)
 Eyepiece (power)  2" LET 28mm (21x)
 Finder scope  9x50mm straight-through finder
 Mount type  Not provided
 Telescope weight (kg)  3.0
 Accessories  2" dielectric mirror diagonal with 1.25" adapter, tube rings
 with dovetail adapter plate, camera adapter, aluminium carry case

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