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Solar Eclipse Viewer

Special frame with black ploymer material to protect you from the Sun's harmful rays when viewing the Sun directly.

Get it for the Solar Eclipse in Singapore on 09 Mar 2016! This eclipse is 88% visible in Singapore and 100% visible in certain parts of Indonesia.

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88% or Partial Solar Eclipse on Wednesday, 09 Mar 2016 

Begins: 07:23am, Ends: 09:32am

Maximum:08:23am on 09 Mar 2016

These viewers are designed to be worn like sun glasses except that you can look directly at the sun with them. The image of the sun is sharp and seen as a natural yellowish-orange. These are excellent for viewing a solar eclipse as it is happening. They are completely safe and block all the harmful rays from your eyes.

The viewers are made of a sturdy frame with optical thin film for the aperture. They adjust to two sizes to fit various head types. They are a great teaching tool. 

You can view through them for many hours with out any problems. Should they bother you when viewing, then we suggest you should stop.
If you don't get the viewers wet or puncture the film, and store them in good condition, such viewer can last for a fairly long time such as a few years. They are certainly of durable quality and are NOT the disposable or use-once-and-throw-away type.
Our viewers are made in the USA according to strict specifications - Meets the Transmittance Requirements of EN 1836:2005 + A1:2007 (E) for an E15 Filter for the Direct Observation of the sun. Also meets the Transmittance Requirements of AS/NZS 1338. 1:2012, Filters for Eye Protectors. Our supplier is a specialist maker of solar filters for decades.

We then ship the items to Singapore very carefully to ensure the sunblocking material is well-protected. 

(Above picture depicts generic solar eclipse viewers and colour/design may differ with our stock.)

1) For people wearing eye glasses, we recommend they hold the glasses or try viewing without their glass on or putting the viewers on first then their glasses over them. 
2) Make sure the black film material covers your eyes completely for protection from the Sun's powerful rays. We advise slightly pressing the viewer at its sides to ensure tightness and no gaps.
3) Can be used while suntanning on a beach so that your eyes will not be hurt by the harmful rays of the Sun!

NOTE: Do not purchase solar eclipse viewers from China due to lack of strict quality control and undesirable business practices. Your eyes are much more important than saving a few dollars to get a cheap viewer!