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A very good quality beginner's telescope at an affordable price. Versatile in various observations of the night sky in Sngapore. Paired with the highly popular PORTA II mount.

With its fast speed of f/5, it can be connected to DSLR cameras via an optional T-ring to take wide angle pictures of celestial objects.

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Vixen's f series telescopes are the result of our desire to make astronomical gear fun and easy to operate for beginners and experienced hobbyists. The suffix "f" means fun!

Who should be getting this? Experienced users or serious beginners who have a budget of less than S$1,000 and looking for powerful light-gathering ability. The telescope has an aluminum body with beautiful white coating. The supplied PORTA II mount is a very popular model well-liked by serious users. 

The Vixen R130Sf reflector comes with a large 130mm parabolic mirror which gathers more light than other small scopes. Its fast focal ratio of f/5 is generally suited for low-power wide field observations and deep space photography. The achievable magnifications with the 2 included plossl eyepieces are: 33x (20mm) and 103x (6.3mm). 

The user-friendly designs of this model allows collimation of optics, if required, to be easy and convenient. Collimation of optics is required for a Newtonian reflector telescope such as this Vixen R130Sf, when the light path of the telescope has been shifted or mis-aligned due to accidental knocks. Refer to this website on how to collimate optics without sweat!

The Porta II mount, supplied together with the R130Sf, allows steady control of a telescope even at high magnification. It is one of Vixen's proudest designs. It is compatible with many different types of telescope. The combination of smooth movement, rigid design and stable platform makes it one of the most sought-after portable mounts of all time.

The PORTA II comes equipped with two fine adjustment handles for whole circle slow motion in both directions. It is useful for fine motion used in searching and tracking of celestial objects. In addition it is a great mount for terrestrial viewing. 

The gear drives make it a simple matter to precisely track a planet or a ship on the horizon by simply turning the elevation and or azimuth control handles. The World-Standard dovetail attachment system on PORTA II was developed by Vixen. This allows the PORTA II to accept various dovetail mounted optical tubes and binoculars. 

Manufactured in China according to strict specifications and Japanese quality control standards which are famous trademarks of Vixen!

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Telescope Body: 7.5/10;  Mount: 9/10;  Verdict: Excellent Beginner's Model

*Based on ease of use, performance as claimed & mechanical quality

WARNING: Do not point a telescope or any type of viewing instrument towards the Sun as it will damage your eyes! 

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 Telescope model  Vixen PORTA II-R130Sf 
 Optical design   Newtonian reflector
 Aperture (mm)   130 
 Focal length (mm)  650
 Aperture ratio  f/5
 Highest practical power  260x
 Focuser diameter  1.25"
 Eyepieces (power)  1.25" NPL 20mm (33x) & 6.3mm (103x)
 Finder scope  6x30mm, field of view 7 deg.
 Telescope weight (kg)  4.0
 Mount type  PORTA II with 2-section tripod legs
 Mount weight (kg)  5
 Accessories  Round tray

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