Mini BORG 55FL 250mm f/4.5 (6255) Maximize

Mini BORG 55FL 250mm f/4.5 (6255)

Light & compact telephoto lens with minimum focusing distance of around 3m only! Can be used handheld. Made in Japan.

Comes with a FREE brand-specific DSLR camera mounting ring of your choice. Camera not included.

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Weighing just over 0.5kg, the Mini BORG 55FL telephoto lens is extremely popular with shooters who wish to travel light without the need for any tripod. 

Tack sharp 250mm f/4.5 fluorite optics perform well for any type of target and in any conditions. High contrast images from the fluorite optics ensure that photography is always an enjoyable experience! As the optics are supplied by Canon Japan, it has very similar performance with respect to Canon's flagship L Series DSLR lenses!

Do take note that there is no electrical component inside the Mini BORG 55FL, as in all other telephoto lenses from BORG. Thus this lens operates in the same way as a manual lens. It will not be able to auto focus when connected to your camera. However, precise focusing can still be achieved using the live-view function of the camera. Auto exposure can be done via the aperture-priority mode.

Comes in 6 parts plus extra camera mounting ring for this special offer. The lens assembly can be removed and stored separately. This will be useful during overseas trips as it can be carried with you during flight. 

Due to the modular design philosophy of BORG, this telephoto lens can be converted into a telescope or a spotting scope with the addition of optional components, depending on the needs of the user. Please contact us to determine the parts required to expand the ability of this lens.

NOTE: Please inform us your camera model inside the comments box during checkout so as to receive the appropriate camera mounting ring. 

 Lens model  Mini BORG 55FL Telephoto Set (Black) 
 Product code  6255 
 Optical design   2-Group/2-Element
 Aperture (mm)   55
 Focal length (mm)  250
 Aperture ratio  f/4.5
 Total length  230~285mm
 Telescope weight (kg)  0.53
 Component codes  2555, 7758, 7602, 7604, 7205, 7000, 50XX

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Pentax K-3 + [7108] 1.08x Flattener with 55FL telephoto lens.

Fujifilm X-T1 with 55FL telephoto lens.