Eva-Dry E-500 Deluxe Pack Maximize

Eva-Dry E-500 Deluxe Pack

Specially imported by McGill, this dehumidier kit consists of a E-500 for protection of up to 14 m³ (or 500 ft³) with a hygrometer to monitor humidity levels. Product lifespan is up to 10 years! Bestselling dehumidifier in North America!

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The E-500 fights and protects against dampness in areas such as:

  • Closets: Eva-Dry prevents damage to fabrics and musty odors caused by excess moisture.
  • Boats: Keeps boat cabins and areas dry and free of humidity build-up.
  • RVs and campers: Protect your outdoor home from humidity in the air and interior living spaces.
  • Gun Safes: Prevent rust to guns and expensive ammunition and other damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Bathrooms/Laundry Rooms: Eva-Dry absorbs excess moisture form vapor related activities, and helps dry fabrics
  • Diving/underwater equipment: Eva-Dry keeps your gear dry when stored in its bag.
  • Storage area for camera/optical equipment: Transforms the area into a gigantic dry cabinet. Useful for storing bulking telephoto DSLR lenses or telescopes which may not be housed adequately in a conventional dry cabinet.


This eco-friendly dehumidifier silently and reliably protects against mold, mildew and moisture in areas larger than the Eva-Dry E-333 and lasts 30-60 days before renewing. Special features of the E-500 includes: the unit works in areas up to 14 m³ (or 500 ft³), requires no batteries or cords for use, is 100% renewable, works up to ten years, is compact/silent, spill-proof and mess-free and is non-toxic, child- and pet-safe! The unit measures 20cm (L) x 6.4cm (W) x 14cm (H).

NOTE: The supplied hygrometer operates on 1x AAA battery, which is not included. The plug for E-500 dehumidifier is a 2-pin American plug which runs on 100-240V/50-60Hz and is suitable for use in Singapore. An optional multi-adapter plug which is commonly available in most households is required for use with Singapore's 3-pin power socket system. 

Please read the instruction leaflet before use. Plug in to renew! (12-15 hours). Do not charge for more than 18 hours. 

IMPORTANT: Our Eva-Dry products can be used in Singapore. For peace of mind, always insist on McGill's Eva-Dry products to solve all your moisture-related problems.

Other Uses:

  • Bedrooms: While absorbing excess moisture you are also reducing dust activity, and consequently the risk of allergies.
  • Basements: Protects stored clothing and tools from damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Cabinets: Protects stored food from damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Offices/Supply Closets: Protects electronic equipment, supplies and paper from damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Gym Lockers: Absorbs odors and dries wet gym clothes faster.
  • Safes/Book Shelves: Protect your valuable pictures, books and important documents from damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Musical Instruments: Prevents damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Plastic Storage Containers: Absorbs musty odors, and prevents damage caused by excess moisture on stored seasonal clothing


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