Vixen VSD 100 f3.8 Flat Field Refractor Maximize

Vixen VSD 100 f3.8 Flat Field Refractor

The most advanced telescope to date ever made by Vixen of Japan! 100mm lens diameter with a super fast speed of f3.8, encased in an awesome die cast body. A dream come true to the most serious photographers of the night sky!

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The new Japanese-made Vixen VSD100 f3.8 telescope features an innovative 5-element lens design with an SD lens in the front objective group and an ED lens in the rear group for a large, flat, evenly illuminated field with superb colour correction! The blue halos around stars that are perceptible in simpler designs are completely absent. In addition, astigmatism and coma aberrations are corrected to a very high level. 

The lenses of the VSD100F3.8 have modern lens multi-coatings developed to match the characteristics of each lens element to achieve 99.9% light transmission at the maximum per lens surface and high contrast without ghosting or flare (patent pending). 

The Strehl intensity of the VSD100F3.8 optics is approximately 10% better than most 4 element lens designs. 

The image circle is as large as 70mm in diameter (60% illuminated) and the star images are as small as 15 microns around the corners, resulting in excellent field flatness. 

The Vixen VSD 100 f3.8 also features a large helical focuser with fine focus scale for smooth, precise, repeatable focusing. 

Optional Focal Reducer and Tele-Extender

A 3-element focal reducer (0.79x) and a 4-element tele-extender (1.58x) will also be available soon. When used with these accessories, the VSD100F3.8 can be transformed to an even faster 300mm f3 astrograph or a versatile 600mm f6 telescope for both imaging and visual astronomy!

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 Telescope model  Vixen VSD100f3.8 Flat Field Refractor 
 Optical design   SD Apochromatic 5-Group/5-Element
 Aperture (mm)   100 
 Focal length (mm)  380
 Aperture ratio  f/3.8
 Resolving power  1.16 arc sec
 Limit value (mag)  11.8
 Highest practical power  200x
 Focuser diameter  60.2mm / 31.7mm
 Eyepiece  Nil
 Finder scope  Nil
 Telescope weight (kg)  4.5
 Accessories  Custom aluminium case