Maxpedition bags are extremely tough and versatile, great to carry on excursions, hiking/photography trips, every-day-carry or just for a leisure tour! Each Maxpedition bag comes with the following selling points in terms of workmanship and attention to detail, making it far superior to most bags on the market.


Maxpedition bags & accessories are also equipped with state-of-the-art water-resistant protective coatings to ensure grime or stains do not accumulate easily on the surface. The patented Duraflex buckle is one of the most silent locking devices on the market, compared to other bags which has a high-pitch locking sound.

It is true you can get a cheaper adventure or every-day-carry bag than a Maxpedition bag. However, you may need to buy twice or more due to faster rate of wear-and-tear. On the other hand, getting just one Maxpedition bag will provide you with a higher level of satisfaction and will last you for many years to come due to its outstanding durability! 

Maxpedition products come with Limited Lifetime Warranty to cover all manufacturer defects and workmanship. BUT this warranty will not cover hardware, natural wear and tear or any other intentional or accidental damage. In the unlikely event that you have any issue with Maxpedition gear, simply contact McGill with your invoice number for warranty service. Products certified to be defective by McGill shall be replaced with a new product with same or similar features.

Maxpedition bags have been featured regularly in blockbuster Hollywood movies due to their good design and workmanship. These bags are also regular items carried by armed personnel of the United States Department of Defense. It's time you got one too!

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