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NOTE: All our bestselling telescopes will be uploaded to Lazada platform in time to come.

McGill's simple guide to selecting a suitable telescope for you:

There is no perfect telescope but a good telescope allows you to see a wide range of objects in the night sky over 3 levels of magnification - low (20x-60x), mid (60x-140x) and high (140x or more). At mid and high magnifications, having a good telescope is not enough. You need to have a stable and strong mount with tripod.

Usually the prices of our telescopes will help in your selection. You can use SGD$500 as the deciding factor or amount. 

Less than SGD$500 - The telescope may be used till mid magnification only. The mount supplied is not steady enough for viewing at 100x or more. So it may be a challenge to see close-ups of planets such as Jupiter or Saturn. These planets usually appear as small dots only.

But do not dismay. Many objects in the night sky do not require high magnification for viewing! Our beginner's telescopes still offer good value for money despite this restriction. But if you realy wish to enjoy views of Saturn and Jupiter, consider getting a telescope which costs above SGD$500.

More than SGD$500 - Telescope can be used for low, mid and high magnifications. The mount supplied is stronger, thus offering steady views.

Selecting a suitable first telescope is important! It can lead to the development of a longlife hobby or a quick loss of interest due to inability to see anything interesting or significant!


Basic telescope education based on video presentations - easy, fun and simple to understand! We suggest you view ALL the specially-selected video clips below. It only requires less than 20 minutes. You will then have a good idea which telescope to get, for either yourself or your child.

Buying your first telescope - Know the different types and the accessories available. Produced by BBC, UK.

Knowing the F-word - Focal length and focal ratio of a telescope.

Telescopes you should avoid. Luckily we do not have these in our store!

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